JEOL NeoScope JCM-7000 SEM

The JCM-7000’s highly-advanced auto functions, stage automation, and software enable easy sample imaging and elemental analysis for users of all experience levels.

Equipped with a large sample chamber, both high and low vacuum modes of operation, both secondary and backscatter electron detectors (SED & BSED), real-time 3D imaging, easy to use metrology tools and optional fully-integrated EDS. The JCM-7000 NeoScope is SMART – FLEXIBLE - POWERFUL.


  • Smart – The latest innovations are built into the benchtop platform to make SEM accessible to everyone. All the controls are at the user's fingertips through an intuitive software interface. Automatic condition setting is based on sample type and application for image formation in minutes. Seamless navigation from the holder graphic or optical image (option) to high resolution SEM image enhances productivity.
  • Flexible – Choose the right platform. Add options such as the Stage Navigation System (color camera), Tilt Rotation Motorized Holder for sample manipulation, fully-embedded EDS for elemental analysis and Smile View Map for 3D image reconstruction and surface texture analysis. 
  • Powerful – High resolution Tungsten (W) filament source allows magnification up to 100,000X. Large analytical chamber can handle samples as large as 80mm (D) x 50mm (H). Secondary and backscatter electron detectors along with high and low vacuum modes of operation allow for the study of a wide variety of sample types. The BSE detector supports live 3D imaging for intuitive knowledge of sample surface shape.