Precision Cutting Without Deformation

The EXTEC Labcut® 150 Variable Speed Precision Diamond Saw is an attractive, modern styled laboratory instrument designed for precision cutting of a wide variety of materials. Samples can be cut with minimal damage and deformation. The universal design and variable speed aid the precision cutting of fragile and soft materials. Variable wheel rotation speeds range from 0 to 1000 rpm. A variety of sample holders add to the 150’s versatility.

The Labcut 150 is ruggedly constructed from a cast-aluminum frame with stainless steel components providing stability and corrosion resistance in a molded water resistant cabinet. The EZ-DRO™ Easy Keypad operates the powerful belt driven AC 1/4 HP motor with inverter. The sample arm is pivoted and can be counterbalanced to provide low loading conditions on the specimen. It features 25mm micrometer movement that allows positioning of the sample with respect to the wheel.

The Recirculating Coolant System consists of a coolant reservoir with an adjustable power supply, liquid recirculation pump, twin coolant tubes, stainless perforated tray, sample retrieval tweezers and sump drain tool. The system provides adequate coolant flow to the twin coolant tubes located on either side of the cutting wheel. The Recirculating Coolant System accepts EXTEC cutting fluids.

The Labcut 150 will accept 3 inch (75mm), 4 inch (100mm), 5 inch (125mm) and 6 inch (150mm) diameter diamond wafering blades and abrasive cut-off wheels. A transparent polycarbonate splash/safety shield with an integrated safety switch is fitted to prevent operation when the shield is open. An endpoint microswitch indicator can be set to terminate the cutting process at a predetermined depth.