Durable & Flexible

The Extec Labcut® 350F Advanced Abrasive Cutting machine is a floor standing model with a high efficiency torque driven motor which is manually operated and designed for 14” (350 mm) or 12” (305 mm) cutting wheels. The standard unit has stationary manual vertical movement and adjusting manual oscillating movement. Automatic oscillating or vertical movement are optional and must be ordered with the unit. The maximum cutting capacity is 4-1/3” (110 mm) with a 12” (305 mm) wheel. It can be used to section a wide variety of modern materials (see Applications tab).

Manual oscillating movement significantly increases performance in various ways including: increasing cutting capacity along the length of the component, reducing heat through improved lubrication, and improving yield by reducing cutting time. Applied force needed is reduced improving user experience.

The abrasive cutting wheel is driven by a 3.8kW, 5hp motor which is complemented by Highly Efficient Torque Capabilities. The variable speed motor operates between 1000-4000 rpm.

The machine bed has a customizable 14 grid 16” x 12” (400 mm x 300 mm) T-Slot Stainless Steel Base. The standard machine is provided with a Right and Left Vise Set.

The fully transparent canopy has access ports on both sides to easily handle long lengths of material. The cutting chamber is illuminated by an LED. The machine has an integrated cleaning system with hose and a safety interlock switch is fitted to prevent the canopy from being opened while the cutting wheel is rotating. The machine complies with rigorous cutting safety regulations.

A 16 gallon (60 liter) coolant tank with a 100u filter is on wheels and is located in the base unit. It is fitted with a recirculating pump which floods the working area via 2 stationary and 2 flexible coolant jets. If dry cutting is required, the coolant circulation pumped can be turned off. The base cabinet is equipped with a top drawer and a pocket on the door for manuals and other documents.