Versatile, Compact and Convertible

The Extec® Labpol 8-12 Advanced Convertible Grinder/Polisher is a versatile compact convertible system that can be configured, as required, with 8” (203 mm), 250 mm (10”), or 12” (305 mm) platen. To change the configuration, simply remove the insert and lift the platen from the retaining pegs located on the platen base and replace with the new platen size and insert.

The platen is driven by a 0.37kW, 0.5hP motor which is complemented by Highly Efficient Torque Capabilities. The platen can be operated 20-650 rpm in both directions, clockwise (CW) and counterclock wise (CCW).

A water inlet and outlet are located on the rear panel. The retractable faucet features an adjustable water flow and allows for easy cleaning. The unit and operators are protected by a safety solenoid valve.


The optional semi-automatic head features central and variable (0-250N) pressure. When operating with a 12” platen, up to six 1.5” samples can be ground/polished simultaneously. When operating with an 8” or 250 mm up to six 1.25” samples can be ground/polished simultaneously.

The optional dispensing unit is a 3 unit doser powered by 3 peristaltic pumps connected to 1 external pump. It is programmed via a touch screen and connected to the grinder/polisher with 1 simple connection. A special nozzle for high viscosity suspensions and a stirrer are both available.