Fast. Modern. Innovative.

The Extec Labpress® 40 Advanced Automatic Mounting Press is a distinctly upgraded and innovative design which exhibits several new and improved features.

Equipped with an exclusive heating and cooling system, it has a total cycle time of 5 minutes if the preheating element is in operation. The preheating element keeps the unit at the start temperature for 20 minutes eliminating the need to heat from room temperature to curing temperature each cycle. An audible alert notifies users when cycle is complete.

The Extec Labpress® Advanced Automatic Mounting Press features a single EZ-TSK (Touch Screen Keypad) for simple user operation. Users can set the temperature, pressure, heating, and cooling parameters from a central screen. The unit has 4 pressure modes allowing users to modify based on the mounting compound or variety of parts being mounted. The unit arrives with preset programs for common compression mounting compounds and is equipped with a USB port for simple saving and loading of customized programs.

A water saving function allows users to conserve water consumption.

Mold assemblies are easily interchanged; it is not necessary to disconnect the air or electrical supply. The unit is capable of double mounting by utilizing a spacer.

The upper portion of the Extec Labpress® 40 Advanced Automatic Mounting Press conveniently unscrews for easy cleaning.

A water inlet and outlet are located on the rear panel. The unit and operators are protected by a safety solenoid valve. Located on opposite sides of the unit are panels allowing for convenient access; one for pneumatics and a second for electrical