The MM400/800 is a new series of innovative measuring microscopes designed for industrial measurement and image analysis. They integrate key performance features delivering complete digital control for maximum measuring accuracy in demanding industrial environments. The systems support a host of new and expanded features including Nikon’s electronic connection hub connection that provides total integration of microscope peripherals managed by Nikon’s EMAX2 metrology software.

  • Greater Accuracy
  • Digital Imaging and Vision Processing Metrology
  • Larger Stage for Increased Workpiece Handling
  • Non Contact Z-height Measurements
  • Coordination with Data Processing Systems


  • Surface analysis, surface examination, manual examination
  • Plastic manufacturing, metal manufacturing
  • Implants/prostheses, mobile phones, shavers, and watches
  • Micro-electronics, opto-electronics
  • Telecom and electronics, antennae, telescope optics