Intelligent yet affordable manual zoom stereomicroscope provides brilliant images and unparalleled uniformity in fluorescence intensity

Nikon’s SMZ18 research stereomicroscope combines macro and micro imaging in one manual instrument for convenient, affordable viewing and manipulation of single cells to whole organisms. A high-performance fly-eye lens provides crystal-clear fluorescent images, with uniform brightness across the entire field of view. Using enhanced epi-fluorescence technology, the SMZ18 is better able to detect excitation light than conventional fluorescent stereomicroscopes, for improved S/N ratios and bright, high-contrast images, even in the low magnification range. Integrated intelligence allows SMZ18 to save imaging parameters along with the captured image as a convenient data file.


High-End Materials Science and Industrial Use

  • Research and development activities across the full range of component parts and materials
  • Production quality control functions for both routine and critical component applications
  • Failure analysis studies to help determine, predict modes of failure, and verify applied solutions
  • Component surface examination, crack detection, corrosion studies and coating efficiency
  • Composite materials for aerospace, fabrics/textiles, building and construction goods
  • Machine tool inspection for material integrity and features
  • Optoelectronic devices by structures and component location
  • Microelectronics, micro-electro mechanical systems (MEMS)
  • Mobile phone components and technologies, as well as electrical shavers and fine watch manufacturing
  • Medical devices including implants, prosthetics, and intra vascular systems
  • Paint and coating technologies, inspecting both raw materials and in-situ coating integrity
  • Art and antiquity conservation/restoration in both research and routine activities