New stereomicroscope offers improved work efficiency with evolved operations

Expanding the magnification range to 8x (1x -8x), Nikon’s newest stereomicroscope boasts its ease of use and high-definition observation demanded in fields such as the IVF market. Additionally, newly developed “Plan Apo WF” and “ED plan WF” objectives deliver clearer, crisper images.


  • Metallurgy, metal manufacturing
     - Cast iron nodularity and flake analysis, grain sizing
  • Cracks and failure analysis
  • Surface examination
  • Composites, fabrics/textiles, asbestos
  • Antennae, telescope optics
  • Optoelectronics
  • Microelectronics, MEMS
  • Telecom and electronics
  • Mobile phones, shavers and watches
  • Implants/prostheses
  • Manual examination