The Nikon Confocal NEXIV VMZ-K6555 was developed on the strength of Nikon’s leading opto-mechatronics (optical, mechanical and electronic) technologies. It incorporates a variety of confocal optics for fast and accurate evaluation of fine three-dimensional surface metrology, image processing technology, and TT L laser autofocus. It allows both 2D and height measurements in the same field of view.

The Confocal NEXIV VMZ-K6555 is used for the inspection and measurement of critical dimensions of highly complex structures on advanced semiconductor devices, probe cards, substrate patterns on circuit boards, MEMS and a variety of other demanding applications.


  • IC packages: flip chip/COF (Bump)/COG, CSP (FBGA)/SIP (Bump, Wire), Interposer (pad height)
  • MEMS
  • Probe card (silicon probe, Au probe)
  • Precise glass components (micro lens, contact lens)
  • Photo spacer width/height for color filter for FPD panel